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Relate is one of the largest providers of counselling and support services for children

and young people, with over 20 years’ experience. Nationally we provide services in over 600 schools and help over 15,000 children and young people a year.

We're sure you will share our belief that all children and young people should have the chance to be happy and fulfil their full potential. Unfortunately, there are many issues young people face that might stand in their way, and that's why we want to help support them. We can offer a tailored package of professional service options to suit a wide range of budgets. Heres a quick overview of what we can offer, but please contact us to discuss the options.

Counselling services

Safe Speak counselling for 5-18 year olds

At the heart of Relate’s youth services is one to one support for issues such as family breakdown, bullying & peer relationships, bereavement, the formation of new families or the absence of a family member. A recent study found that 80%of students found counselling “very” or “moderatelyuseful and 90%of teachers said it made a positive difference to students.

Family counselling

The work that counsellors carry out with children and young people is very effective, but if the whole family can be seen together, this work can have even more profound effects.

Innovative solutions to offering support

We can provide flexible and cost effective counselling, for example through web based LiveChat and email. These services are convenient for young people to use and provide an alternative way of communicating that suits some students better. Our website, www.iRelate.org.uk offers lots of additional advice and support for 11-18 year olds.

Relationship counselling for parents and staff

Very often the issues we see in children and young people stem from problems at home. Why not talk to us about referring parents to Relate? We can also offer supervision and support to school staff, for example by offering our confidential adult LiveChat service that can be accessed from school.

Supervision support

We can offer specialist one to one and group supervision, for example to senior management and to pastoral teams. This can assist staff be more effective in their roles and help them to deal with the complex range of issues from outside school that students and staff bring into the school environment.


Sex and Relationship Education(SRE)

Relate has built a wealth of experience in providing SRE to children and young people. We enable them to understand relationship issues and to think about what it means to construct healthy and respectful relationships as the foundation on which they would build asexual relationship.

Relationship education and learning

Relate also provides interpersonal and emotional intelligence training for children and young people which includes communication and relationship skills covering subjects such as, “Basics of a Relationship”, “Getting Together”, “Breaking Up and “Be a Buddy”. Relate offers a range of courses that have been mapped to Key Stage 3 and 4 PSHE.

Peer mentoring training

Peer mentor training can be delivered as a bespoke package which is tailored to the school’s requirements. This may involve training pupils to become peer mentors alongside members of staff at the school, or it can include a comprehensive package of training and ongoing support in the form of regular supervision groups.

Counselling skills for non counsellors

This course provides staff with an introductory framework of skills for supporting young people and colleagues. It will enable staff to understand the counselling process so that they are more able to deal with emotional problems and recognise when further specialist support may be required.

Making a difference

Positive impact

The opportunity to talk to a trusted, professional counsellor has a positive impact on many areas of children and young people’s lives. It can help increase their self-esteem and confidence, enable them to communicate better with their peers, teachers and families and increase their ability to focus and engage with learning.

For teachers, our services enable them to keep their professional focus where it should be – on strong pupil relationships and inspirational learning.

Preventing poor outcomes for children and young people

Relate works primarily with clients at the preventative end of the mental health spectrum (CAMHS Tiers 1 and 2). By operating early intervention services in schools, Relate helps to prevent young people with mild to moderate mental health difficulties from progressing on to more acute mental health difficulties that would require Tier 3 and 4 services.

Upholding high quality standards

Relate has over 20 years’ experience of providing children and young people’s counselling and adheres to the ethical standards set by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). All our counsellors work within a clinical framework of ongoing supervision and continuous professional development and are subject to regular performance reviews to ensure the highest professional standards. All Relate counsellors who work with children and young people are qualified to provide counselling, have undergone appropriate vetting and barring procedures, and are trained in child protection and safeguarding.


providing support for children and young people in their own communities

We are committed to developing services that are responsive, accessible and that engage with young people in a way that suits them.

We provide services in primary and secondary schools, as well as many other community settings. Schools are an ideal location for families to access counselling as they are conveniently located, familiar and well equipped to provide confidential services.

Cost effective

Relate can help schools to promote their pupil’s emotional wellbeing by providing a fully managed and clinically supervised counselling service. Our LiveChat and email counselling services are particularly cost effective for schools to buy in and for Relate to provide, as counsellors can reach a greater number of children without needing to travel to them.

Child protection and safeguarding

Relate treats child protection and the safeguarding of children with the utmost priority. We have worked closely with the NSPCC to ensure that our policy and procedures are robust and relevant to our work. Relate practitioners explain to all children and young people we work with that while we will treat everything they tell us in confidence, we may have to break this confidence if they disclose any information that gives us concern for their safety.

Relate recognises that some of our young clients may be affected by issues such as domestic violence and abuse, as well as physical, emotional and sexual abuse or neglect. Relate trains all practitioners so that they are able to approach such cases sensitively and ensures that all counsellors are supported to deal with cases appropriately.

Schools and businesses

School based services

Business support

Call us on 01332 349177 to find out more about our full range of services for school staff and students

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